Words from the Wise 27: William James

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This is a series of posts that uses a quotation by a famous person from history to make a point about career management. Take a moment to reflect and see whether you can start using this wisdom as you start managing your career.

William James said:

“To change one’s life: start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.”

Proteus Career Management says:

“If you want to change your career there is no better time to start than right now. Start now and pursue it with a passion to completion.”

The lesson? “Don’t procrastinate.”

Dr Mike Warren says:

Don’t be an “I’ll just” kind of person! One of the greatest problems that most people have when it comes to getting things done, making a change, starting something new and even getting on with routine tasks is that they take the reward before they do the task. The classic example is, “I’ll just have a coffee and then I’ll mow the lawn/do the washing up/give Molly a ring.” Not too serious perhaps, but if you let it become a habit it will seriously compromise your working life, your career and your work/life balance.

Weather vaneOur passion is helping you find your true career path

Centuries ago – according to Homer – Proteus guided Jason and his Argonauts towards their home as they tried to return from the Trojan Wars. The team at Proteus Consultancy is passionate about helping you find your true career path. Look at our sessions and programmes, or just get in touch to book your free career consultation.

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