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Proteus Consultancy is one of the leading career counselling and management organisations in London and the UK


Our core team is based in London and we have representatives located around the UK from the south coast to Scotland. Since 1989 we have successfully worked with thousands of people to achieve their career objectives and assist them into the right job. We are delighted to be recognised as a leader in facilitating career change for professionals.


Our dedicated core team…. You & Proteus – Protecting your Livelihood

  • Colin Fisher
    Colin Fisher Senior Consultant

    Colin is an accredited Executive Coach and Career Consultant.  He has been working with Proteus since early 2010.  He has over 20 years experience of working one to one in this field with a wide variety of clients.  These have been from across a range of industries in both the private and public sectors.  His strong competences, personal experience and holistic approach allow him to empathise readily with his clients.  He enables individuals to gain self-understanding and to focus on developing their life and career options.  He helps them to set realistic action plans that enable them to make choices that meet their needs.  Colin’s earlier career was in senior management roles with Marks & Spencer.

  • Nina Longlands
    Nina Longlands Administrator

    Nina has been working in Customer Services and Administration for nearly 20 years and has been supporting Proteus for the last 7 years.  She has a BA Hons in Norwegian and Linguistics and used these skills in the early part of her career working with customers such as Ericson and Saab.  For the last 14 years, Nina has been a Senior Administrator for Capita, working within their Self Invested Personal Pension arm.  In her spare time Nina enjoys trampolining and is a qualified UKCC Level 1 coach.  Her organisational skills are second to none and she now uses these to brilliant effect providing more administrative resource for Proteus, running her own Stationery business, coaching and looking after her young family.

  • Dr Mike Warren
    Dr Mike Warren Founding Director and CEO

    Mike is a proactive director and business leader who is intent on providing, in the most ethical manner possible, discreet and confidential career management services to individuals. His ultimate aim and purpose in life is to ensure that Proteus continues, long after his time, as a legacy for the future so that it can continue to help people with their careers. Mike helps Proteus clients in London, Hampshire, Dorset and via Skype.

  • Douglas Guthrie
    Douglas Guthrie Senior Associate

    With a background in psychology and specialism in occupational psychology, Douglas has always had a passion for education and economic empowerment. During his career he has concentrated on leadership development and worked closely with the Home Office, HM Prison Service and the National Offender Management Service to develop training solutions for prisoners. Douglas helps Proteus clients in London and Surrey, and via Skype.

  • Mark Goldfinch
    Mark Goldfinch Consultant

    Mark has spent much of his life as a professional communicator of different sorts across numerous channels, including books, broadcast media, presentations, websites and social media. As an Arabic linguist since a young age, he has lived and worked extensively in the Middle East and experienced numerous cultures and societies. He is passionate about helping individuals and businesses communicate themselves better, to enhance their careers and business growth. Mark helps Proteus clients in London, Kent, Sussex and via Skype.

  • Bernard Sheridan
    Bernard Sheridan Consultant (Scotland)

    Bernard looks after our clients in Scotland and he has been working with Proteus since 2003.  He has an MA in English and Economics and is a Chartered Accountant.  In his earlier career he was UK Financial Controller of British Carpets and then joined Price Waterhouse in the UK and in Kuwait as a senior consultant.  On his return from Kuwait, he became MD of a Computer Supplies Co which he doubled in size in 2 years and then launched a specialist print company where he employed and trained a team of 20 staff including skilled printers, estimators and graphic artists and built the turnover to £1.5m.  He now runs a portfolio career in Career Management and Business Consultancy.

  • David Roden
    David Roden Consultant

    David started working with Proteus in 1997 and has experience of business development, executive career coaching and workshop delivery focused on career transitions.  He has worked with the private sector, including global financial and pharmaceutical institutions; the public sector, encompassing national and local entities as well as the third sector.  He is a seasoned, effective and popular career coach.  Energising and insightful, he brings a breadth of knowledge to groups and individuals from all backgrounds regardless of seniority or function.  Clients have commented on his accomplished presentational skills and his empathetic approach to workplace issues and stress.

  • Peter Wilford
    Peter Wilford Consultant

    Peter Wilford started working with Proteus in 1995.  He has a background in Human Resources and Training of over 30 years.  His wide experience includes financial services in the City (Charterhouse PLC, Noble Group), oil (Texaco), telecommunications (Cable and Wireless) and construction and engineering (Biwater, Trafalgar House/Kvaerner).  He ran a niche consultancy providing tailored HR/Training solutions to SME’s and mid cap organisations undergoing change and has managed a portfolio career.  As a Career Coach and Job Search specialist he delivers one to one coaching and group support to the corporate and private markets. He is BPS accredited for testing and assessment and is a Fellow of the CIPD.

  • Ginny Lyndhurst
    Ginny Lyndhurst Consultant

    Ginny is an accredited Executive Coach and Career Consultant.  She has been working with Proteus since 2010.  She has over 20 years’ experience of working one to one in this field with a wide variety of clients.  These have been from across a range of industries in both the private and public sectors.  Her strong competences, personal experience and holistic approach allow her to empathise readily with her clients.  She enables individuals to gain self-understanding and to focus on developing their life and career options.  She helps them to set realistic action plans that enable them to make choices that meet their needs.  Ginny’s earlier career was in senior management roles in the Recruitment and Training industries.

  • Ann Harrison
    Ann Harrison Consultant

    Ann is an experienced career coach with over 25 years within the recruitment industry as a Senior Recruiter and Job Coach.  Her background is IT and engineering but since 2008 she has diversified into other sectors to help and support individuals who are seeking a career change.  She tailors her approach to meet clients’ needs and she has a strong belief in working together to find the right future direction for those who find themselves at a crossroads.  She guides clients through the minefield of job boards and social media, interview preparation and coaching as well as presentation planning: she is a storehouse of useful interview tips!  Ann is an NLP Practitioner and Psychometric profiler.

“When we say we are empowered by passion, we mean it. I have worked since Day 1 back in 1989 with passion, and dedication to ensure you get the best possible service from us so you can get the best career for you.





We pride ourselves on having the highest standard of customer service, which continues even after our client succeeds

20,000 STORIES

We have helped nearly 20,000 people plan and manage their careers better over 25 years, giving us huge experience you can benefit from.


Our programmes have been created from our experience, and we help you choose the right modules for your particular circumstances.


Nothing makes us happier than when a client we’ve helped over months – perhaps years – takes the time to give us a testimonial of thanks.


In 1988 Dr Mike Warren started retraining as a Career Counselling and Management consultant after a successful career as a Materials Scientist working for the OECD as a Project Manager.

During his training, later on that same year, he was introduced to Mike Stevenson, an employee of BP, who had an MBA and who wanted to become a management consultant.  The two Mikes worked together and success was achieved when Mike Stevenson was offered a position as a management consultant by a local firm three months later.

The two Mikes kept in touch but it soon became clear that it wasn’t working out. The phrase Mike Stevenson used was, “All they want is access to my network.”

“Could I establish my own management consultancy?” was his next question.  Again the two Mikes worked together and later that year Mike Stevenson began trading as a management consultant in his own right under the name Proteus Consultancy.  In 1989 Dr Mike Warren, having completed his training, joined him and founded the Career Management arm of the business.  It was formally established as a limited company on 4th January 1991.

The Management Consultancy arm established itself quite quickly as an umbrella organisation for other independent management consultants and grew to around 15 consultants by 1992.  The Career Management arm grew more slowly gradually establishing a professional reputation for its services in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire and at the end of the same year, 1992, it had a staff of 4.

The decision was taken to expand the Career Management arm and a new branch was opened in Kent, near Sevenoaks, and two further people joined the company.

However, trading conditions worsened for management consultancy generally as the early 90s recession took hold and gradually that arm of the business shrank and Mike Stevenson resigned from the business to join Wiltshire Business Link.

Two of the other management consultants, Mr Keith Folkes and Dr Glenn White remained with the business as directors alongside Dr Mike Warren and through their combined efforts the Career Management business went from strength to strength and further expansion saw the business operating throughout the UK, as it still does today, with its main offices moving to London’s Victoria district by the turn of the millennium, where they have remained.


  • Proteus

    Proteus is a mythical character in Homer’s famous Odyssey (Book IV:412). He was a sea-god and oracle whose ability to change shape at will has become legendary, with positive connotations of flexibility, versatility and adaptability down the millennia.

    We view our clients in the same way and truly believe each has the ability to change the shape of their career and their lives if they put their mind to it. We exist to help them in that process.

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