Words from the Wise 21: Roger Bannister

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This is a series of posts that uses a quotation by a famous person from history to make a point about career management. Take a moment to reflect and see whether you can start using this wisdom as you start managing your career.

Roger Bannister said:

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.”

Proteus Career Management says:

“Career advancement never happens if you are complacent. It may require some painful steps, such as a salary cut or a far from ideal location transfer but, as is often said: ‘There is no gain without pain’.”

The lesson? “Don’t relax into complacency.”

Dr Mike Warren says:

Complacency is one of the worst enemies of those who wish to take their careers seriously. If you think, “It would be nice to win the race” or “It would be nice to get on better in my career,” you probably won’t, other than by pure chance. However if your self talk says, “I’m going to …” instead of “It would be nice to …,” then you are halfway there – all you now need is the action to go with the determination!

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