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Explore Fresh Career HorizonsProteus offers experienced career support for Executives and Professionals

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of senior men and women expand their horizons and enhance their career prospects. For some people this means improving their own professional career strategies. For others, it’s a case of moving out of their historic career or profession into something related or even totally new. Each option takes very careful consideration and planning; and we are happy to support and guide you as you consider your plans.

After all, our experienced consultants have helped over 10,000 people over the course of 25 years.

If you know you have that niggle inside that tells you to do something better; be more ambitious or act on those dreams you’ve had for years, what should you do next?

Get in touch with us by phone or email (use the contact form) and we can book a session with one of our experienced consultants to discuss your options. You might feel you would benefit from more than a single session, in which case simply select from the options available or discuss them with your consultant.

Alternatively you can take advantage of our structured programmes, particularly our 12-hour Career Development Programme tailored from our extensive experience of helping senior executives and professionals. This is particularly useful to change roles in an accelerated timescale.

We understand it can be difficult mentally and financially if you’re facing change. So we offer longer career support which can be tailored to your personal needs. These programmes are particularly useful for those starting their own business or making extensive and profound changes in their lives.

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